Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sold Sold Sold!!!

It's official! The monkey is off my back!!! The house has sold and the money is in the bank! I am SO excited to start looking for a new house, getting out of the apartment, and moving on with our lives!!! In loving memory of a great house that took WAY to long to sell, here are a few photos of the good old 220 S. Aberdeen:

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Closing time?

I'm a wreck! This has been one of the most trying situations I have had to go through! Many of you know this, but in summary:

I got a new job across the state in may of 2006. We put our house on the market in June of 2006 and had to move up to the new job in July of 2006. We had to rent an apartment and move some of our stuff, but most of it (including the bed, couches, etc.) stayed in the old house. My job was going to pay for the move, but we couldn't afford a rent, a mortgage, and a storage unit, so we were going to wait until we sold the house to move everything.

We got a dank and dirty apartment in a bad part of town because the rent was cheap and they allowed us to have our three dogs and cat for a $100 deposit total. Not having a back yard to let the dogs run around in has been very difficult as they are NOT good dogs on the leash! So we made do, thinking this was only temporary.

We had someone in September who wanted to buy the house, we found a new house up in the new city, and everything was going fine until the home inspection revealed some work needed to be done to the house and the buyer ran off.

So now, at the end of July 2007 we might actually sell our house! The house has been moved into a storage unit, the futon has been replaced by our real bed, there is an upright string bass in the hallway of our apartment and a kayak in the bedroom.

I am sitting here waiting for the UPS man to drop off the closing documents for us to sign. Then we mail them overnight to the title agency and the closing is scheduled for tomorrow.

This might actually be coming to an end soon, but I am still waiting for the fat lady to start singing...

Monday, July 9, 2007

Movers and Flat Tires

So we (August, the dogs, and I) went back down to Sanford this weekend and met with LOTS of movers to get quotes for the big move up to Tallahassee. This was (hopefully) the last time the dogs got to see the house, and they enjoyed their own personal dog park for the weekend.

I went to the Scrappy Boutique in Orlando and bought all sorts of fun new products! They always have a very current collection and is refreshing not to see some of the more traditional scrapbook store supplies. Of course, I spent way to much money, but I just can't control myself! I got the Love Elsie airplane mini album and am in heaven...

The Poppy Ink kit reveal was up at 2 am on Saturday and I was sitting in my pj's in a corner in the kitchen stealing wifi from some neighbor in order to get any add-ons. They were great, but I just couldn't justify the expense this time. I tossed and turned thinking of what fun things I can do with the kit. The scallop stamp is TOO cute!!!

On our way back we ran over a key in the road and it punctured one of my tires. Because I have all-wheel-drive I had to replace ALL of my tires and ended up forking out $500! Yikes!!!

When we got back to the apartment in Tally my Personal Scrapper kit was waiting for me and OH MY how gorgeous it is!!!! I can't wait to play with it!

I saw that Paper Trunk is having a guest designer call and have been working diligently on my submission. I'll keep it a secret for now...

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I'm on the Pop Art Gallery!

Oh so exciting!!! I submitted a couple of layouts to BamPop and they put me on the Pop Art gallery! You can check it out here.

Windom and Audrey are super excited to now be famous!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Saturday Six

I spent the day cleaning the house, washing the dogs, washing the rugs, admiring my fun new fabric, salivating over cupcakes, and watching the flash flood from my apartment window. Just another fun Saturday...